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Alina- Bartender

I have been Bartending off and on for years. I have done anywhere from formal catering events, casual private parties, fast and furious night clubs, to the slow pace country bars, and various other events in between. To be honest, I love them all! I enjoy being in an upbeat environment surrounded by people who are having a blast!


On my free time…. Wait I have free time? Rephrase…When I can, I like to squeeze in my time in the great outdoors; camping, hiking, a new-found passion for fishing; and pretty much anything where I can bring my dog along. However, I have been known to have a wonderful time at a karaoke bar, playing pool, dancing at blues venues, or just hanging out drinking on good beer. 

Megan Chambers- Bartender


Megan got her start with the service industry at a wonderful community tavern in Fort Collins, Colorado.


She has since worked her way through breweries, craft cocktail spots, and restaurants throughout FoCo and Seattle.


Give her some mezcal and drop her in the mountains, she’s happy as a lark.

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Alma Lopez- Bartender


Bio Coming Soon! Stay "Toon"ed!

Ilana- Bartender


Hi, my name is Ilana! I was born and raised in Wisconsin but am loving life out here in colorful Colorado. 


I've been bartending since I was 18! Most of my work so far has been in private events such as galas and weddings. I just love to make everyone smile. 


In my free time you'll find me outdoors, hiking mountains, canoeing down rivers, and gazing at the stars. 

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