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Gina- Owner

Over 20 years of industry experience from slinging Vodka/ Redbulls in Vegas nightclubs, and Gin Martinis on private yachts, to serving craft beers at festivals, & boxed wine in backyards & barns. I now spend my weekdays bouncing from client-to-client at our consulting firm, as a better dressed Jon Taffer.


I still have a love/hate relationship with Mojitos. 

Britney Spears (circa 2007) is my spirit animal.

Small dogs with under-bites, named Sasha, are my biggest weakness (& yes, she is usually wearing a tutu).


Movie quote that sums up the Jeans on her free time?- "Careful Man, there's a beverage here."

Keith- Owner


Just call me Old Fashioned. I started poppin bottles at the Officers' Club back in the 90's, and ever since, can't seem to take a Saturday off!  After retirement, I got back into game a little more full time.  Now you'll catch me stocking beer, teaching these young ones a trick or two, putting out fires, and occasionally making a guest appearance behind a bar. 


On my off time, you can find me serving up shaved ice and smiles, at my daughter and I's shaved ice company.

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Dakota- Bartender

My name is Dakota. I have been bartending for years in multiple environments. Including, but definitely not limited to: large-scale events, weddings, nightclub, country club, corporate and private bars, and restaurants. I am a talented mixologist, and I love all things Tequila related.


On my days off I.....who am I kidding...I work service industry. 😂 My favorite cocktail is an Extra Añejo. Tequila Old Fashioned, but I also enjoy boxed wine while watching reruns of Grey's Anatomy. 


My Life Motto:

Take life with a grain of salt.....a slice of lime, and a shot of Tequila.

Molly- Bartender

First thing's first... Favorite cocktail? Colorado Bulldog.


Originally born in California, but moved to Fort Collins when I was 5 and have lived here ever since! Little known fact- I started attending my dad's Kung Fu studio that he opened, practiced, and learned from him for about 10 years, and eventually received my 7th degree junior black belt!


I've been bartending in Fort Collins for over 10 years.  Have worked at sports bars, country bars, high volume nightclubs, CSU games, and lots of weddings and events. Bartending is very much a passion of mine, and will hope to always continue to keep working in the service industry!

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