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LG Hospitality Solutions

 As small bar owners ourselves, with over 25 years in Hospitality, 
we understand the delicate balance between
financial constraints, and the importance of a strong foundation of systems
to ensure success. 

We strive to help our restaurateurs improve their bottom line through our

simple hands-on four point approach,
while allowing you the flexibility of allocating funds where you find value.

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Private Staff Training

Opening a new bar or restaurant in Wyoming or Colorado?


LG Hospitality Solutions offers private Bartender and other FOH Staff Training. Private staff training is available at our facility or on-site at your facility. 

Starting as low as $1500.

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Bar & Restaurant Consultations

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Opening a new bar or restaurant in Wyoming or Colorado?


LG Hospitality Solutions offers Bar and Restaurant Consulting Services including;

Development Services:

Menu creation, management recruitment, training manuals, bar/kitchen layout efficiency, bar design, concept creation, brand development, and licensing.

System Creation:

Employee manuals, procedures & policy handbooks, inventory & waste management systems, staff productivity tracking, establishing vendor relationships, bookkeeping, day-to-day operation guides, and POS integration.

Implementation & Training Services;

Staffing recruitment/hiring, training, inventory, ordering, health inspection, grand opening, and operation management.

We work with our sister company, the Fort Collins Academy of Bartending, to provide hand-on private classes (direct to you or at our facility) to give you the knowledge and confidence every bar owner/ manager should have to operate a profitable and safe establishment.

During your private class, we will also guide you through your initial liquor order, assist with guest drink menu, provide staffing advise/ referrals, and offer a layout walkthrough on-site at your new, or existing facility.

LG Hospitality Solutions is also available to assist at soft/ grand opening to help you create a smooth and successful first impression. 

Follow-Up Services;


Tracking, monitoring, secret shopper programs, advanced & continued staff training, sales incentives, inventory management, theft and waste management, seasonal menu updating.

Our team has passionately worked with hospitality professionals, owners, and their teams in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and Wyoming, to ensure they have the confidence, knowledge, tools, and foresight to ensure their guests always receive the absolute best in both service, and product.  

We are a family business that takes great pride in providing our clients with the piece of mind that comes from decades of experience, while living up to a reputation built on honesty, integrity, and work ethic.

Consulting services starting as low as $1500.

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